Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas craftiness

Christmas and the New Year came and went. They were good times.

Fun. Family. Friends.

The usual.

As promised, a little recap of my home made Christmas presents, all courtesy of Pinterest.

For the parentals: 52 reasons why I love you...deck of cards style.

For the brothers and their families: 10 reasons why I love you chipboard albums, complete with pictures of me {and the person the book was about}. Not pictured...because by the time I was done making them, I was ready to start them on fire. And since they were covered in Mod Podge, they were highly flammable.

For my new baby nephew: a football onesie. Drool.

For the friends: miniature stuffed owls/birds. Super cute and super easy. In all honesty, I prefer them flat {pictured} rather than stuffed. But what can you do?
What I wanted to make for everyone I know, but only had time to make them for my AZ friends: flower pillows. Don't they just scream happiness??!!

So, Christmas crafting was fun, but I'm glad it's over. I got some good stuff for Christmas as well. I am a lucky girl who is very much loved.

If you know anything about me, you know that I have a nickname. The full nickname is "They Call Me Lips," but usually I just go by "Lips." No further explanation is needed. So you can imagine my surprise when I woke up Christmas morning to this beautiful sight:My very own lips shaped bean bag! Haha. I almost died. That Santa sure is a character...

And since I am going through a major pillow making phase, I had to make a cute pillow to adorn my bean bag chair. The pillow is not stuffed in the below picture, and my bedroom is a disaster behind the chair, but you get the idea. Cutey right?!In other related news, my studly brother made my life complete by pawning off some stuff he didn't use anymore on me. He gave me his digital converter box...which means I now have basic cable, without having to pay for basic cable. Yay! Granted, it's only a few channels, but now I finally feel like I know what is going on in the world.

He gave me this beauty:The piano I grew up playing on...just because he didn't want to bother moving it to their new place. It is such a dream to have a piano in my house! The non-full sized keyboard just wasn't cutting it. I LOVE IT!!!

And finally, he still has a use for this item, but let me borrow it to my heart's content during the holidays:

I seriously adore that boy! He just melts my heart.

I hope your holidays were great! I know mine were!

More posts to come. Or I should say, atleast one post is in the works...



Emily Stradling said...

Alayna, you are just too crafty! I love my pillows! And I can't wait to make more pillows with you ;)

jessi said...

love the crafts! I wish I was crafty like you!

Cara said...

Ok first of all that lovesac is perfect for you! I hope you have "christened" that chair :)
Next, your Christmas presents were perfect! And when I have a baby I hope you make me my own little football onesie.

jennifer anderson said...

wow . i love those flower pillows!

Anonymous said...

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